Residential Metal Roofing System

Replacing Roofing Tiles with a Metal Roofing System


Chung Project

We were very proud as a company when Mr. Chung choose to sit down with us and go over the details regarding re-moving his tile roofing system and replacing it with a new metal roofing system with a standing seam hidden hanger system.

Mr. Chung was referred to us by his long-term friend and contractor who had witnessed the type craftsmanship & quality performed by our company.  Mr. Chung wanted a roofing company that would sit down with him over multiple occasions and discuss the details thoroughly until he had settled on his decision.

Needless to say, if you scroll through the project photographs, you’ll see that Mr. Chung’s older system was leaking in multiple areas and required that wood decking and rafters be replaced/repaired.  The look of the metal roofing system vs the tile system turned his home into an entirely new looking type of property.  This new metal roofing system will not only look great but it will also eliminate the future worry of leaking and damages once installed properly.


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